I've loved the creation process ever since I was a youngster who picked up a crayon & doodled a masterpiece all over my parents' basement wall (you're welcome!). I had the luxury of making a career of it in 2007 when I graduated from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) with BAs in advertising & studio art. Shortly after I started working as an in-house graphic/web designer at a non-profit in Ann Arbor. In summer 2011, my husband & I picked up all our belongings & moved to Baltimore, MD, where I now work as a Senior Graphic Designer for Vectorworks.

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I'd like to say I have a preference for print or web, but I can't; I love designing for both. I've designed everything from magazines, ads, & posters to large banners & booths. As for the web, I've designed & built business, non-profit, event, & personal sites, as well as UI design for apps. Since college I've won awards for my photography, email designs, and have been featured on several gallery/award sites such as HOW Interactive Design - Site of the Day, OnePageLove, CSS Mania, The Design Inspiration, Design Modo, Inspiiired, & The Deep End Design - Website of the Day (among others...balllerrr). ;)

A few of my favorite things (minus the cream colored ponies)